Conflict Free Resolution

DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C. opened its doors on May 1, 1995 to provide unparalleled, conflict-free investment consulting services. Our clients include retirement plan sponsors, private institutions, nonprofit organizations, and affluent families. The hallmarks of our firm are simple:

Help Clients Prosper
Backed by years of experience, our goal is to help clients develop a framework for success. This can mean improved performance, reduced expenses, or assistance in satisfying fiduciary and stewardship responsibilities.

Place Clients' Interests First
We promise objective, impartial advice. We do not sell investments or receive commissions. Nor do we charge money managers or vendors to be included in our database.

Provide Straightforward Advice
Our seasoned professionals hold advanced certifications and degrees, but it’s our ability to communicate with clients that sets us apart. First we listen. Then we offer meaningful recommendations in a proactive, timely manner.

Practical Intellectual Capital
Our research is practical. We strive to improve returns, reduce risk, or both. Equipped with leading-edge proprietary tools like our Frontier Engineer and Portfolio Engineer, we provide practical solutions for complex issues.

Our unique and substantial commitment to clients is backed by an unconditional service guarantee. We would like to be your valuable resource and welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves.

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The Right Tools

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Investors often adopt arbitrary strategies when rebalancing portfolios, which can lead to unpleasant side effects. The Portfolio Engineer™ mitigates these issues by creating an objective, systematic and prudent process for determining when a portfolio should be rebalanced. As a result, rebalancing is performed less frequently, producing savings on implicit and explicit trading costs. The goal of The Portfolio Engineer™ is to generate excess risk-adjusted returns compared to other traditional rebalancing methods.

While recent market turmoil has made “non-normal” returns a popular topic, our proprietary Frontier Engineer™ was developed years ago to help clients better understand “fat-tail” events. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harry Markowitz created a method for determining optimal portfolio allocations in the 1950’s. The Frontier Engineer™ improves upon Markowitz’s framework by incorporating “forecast uncertainty.” Furthermore, it reduces the consequences of estimation error and creates practical, battle-tested asset allocation output. Frontier Engineer™ portfolios tend to be more broadly diversified and intuitively appealing. We intend to offer better risk adjusted return profiles.